SAML Identity Provider as a Service

Easy. Secured. Trusted. Inexpensive.

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Your interoperable and secure SAML Identity Provider is just a few clicks away! No infrastructure or SAML expertise is required.

Easy administration

You get a great UI for managing your users, we do all boring SAML stuff.


Integrate with your national identity federation by using the latest standards and recommendations.

Low fees

You pay based on the number of users actually using the service. No per-login fee. Reduced price is available for educational and research institutes. With low usage it is absolutely free.

How to set up an Identity Provider?

Sign up as an administrator

Create your Identity Provider

Add users to your organization

Register the IdP to your national federation


Price is based on the type of the organization and the number of unique users logged in via the Identity Provider in a 30-day period.

  • School: $0.25 / active user / month
  • University: $0.5 / active user / month
  • Research organization or Nonprofit Community: $1 / active user / month
  • Other organizations: $1.5 / active user / month

About deadlines and limits

Free usage

First month is free of charge, no matter how many active users you have. Later on, still remains free as long as your 30-day balance is under $10. (Your balance is reset to $0 every 30 days.)


If your balance 30-day balance is above $10, you will get a notice. You have additional 30 days to settle the payment, during which your IdP keeps on working.

About paying and invoicing

You can pay via PayPal or BitPay, in both case you get an invoice. Save 30% by paying with Bitcoins!

Contact Us

Open an issue on Github

Or the dinos can write us email as well: info [at] samlidp [dot] io

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